Is anybody here diagnosed with schizophrenia? I need advice?

So I have a boyfriend with Schizoaffective Disorder. He’s been going to therapy and taking medicine. He’s told me he’s been better and has awesome self control around me. On the other hand he still does encounter times when he’s really depressed. It breaks my heart because I want to help him but I can’t. or I don’t know how. Last time, I didn’t let him be by himself cause I always grew up being told it’s not healthy to be alone when you’re sad but he didn’t want me to be around

I told him when Im upset, I write down my feelings in a journal. He said it helps him so I decided to buy him a journal for Christmas. I want to write something on one page that he could always look at if he ever needs it.


1) what can I do when he feels really depressed?

2) what’s something meaningful (quote maybe) you’d want to look at if you were facing those emtions? Or would you want any comfort at all?

3) should I let him be alone when he begins to feel that way?


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  • I'm a psychology student so ask me shit

    • What can you tell me about how to support someone with schizophrenia when they’re down?

    • You can't. Its chemical so you have to get him medication. Personality disorders are only managed with medication

  • my son has that i might be of help can we talk


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