Why my husband misses his ex-girlfriend?

Before our marriage, my husband had an affair with a girl. She was very beautiful. I was his mother's choice. We have been married since three years and have a daughter too. However, I feel he misses being with her. He keeps on thinking about her while listening to any sort of song. Even that night I saw him sending her an email. Is he still emotionally attached with her?


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  • damn thats terrible. sorry you're in this situation cuz I honestly don't see a happy ending and im an optimist.
    seems like he does miss her. this is why people shouldn't listen to others advice about personal life

    • But in the initial days of our marriage, when she called, I was using that number. My husband told me to convey her a message that he was not interested to talk to her. So why is he getting attracted to her again?

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    • What could be a reason? Does he find me boring now? After having physical relations with me. And as now I have given birth to his child. She is still unmarried and virgin (whereas I know). On the other hand we live abroad. So there's no chance of him to be meeting her. But I still saw her number saved in his mobile. Why he never deleted it?

    • he probably regrets marrying you. thats as simple as I can put it

  • Omg... Sorry to hear that...


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