Emotional rollercoaster ride. What does it mean when he says he is in such an emotional rollercoaster ride right now?

Says he is in such an emotional rollercoaster ride right now and not able to give me his full attention which would not be fair on me, yet saying he definitely wants to see me? 💝. I told him last time that it makes me feel very humiliated if he keeps ignoring me and it's fine to say no. So that i do not get more emotionally hurt and tangled in this? Once i said this he would be at mine in 15 mins saying sorry and holding me tight in his arms. Again i wouldn't hear from him for two days then he would send me love hearts and all. Very confused. Give it time or move on?


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  • This sounds like the male equivalent to having a period. Give him some time

  • He's dealing with too much rn to add anything to that.


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