Im not sure how to feel?

So pretty much my girlfriend of 3 years drops the bomb that she wants a break. She said her reasoninf is because she doesn't want to be 35 with kids and regret never getting to live. Essentially she just wants meaningless sex with other dudes. I still live with her and she tells me every day she loves me and this is only temporary and that if any dudes start catching feelings she is shutting it down with them. Now for a good part of our relationship i was hung up on my ex mostly because she bailed and started sleeping with my cousin and i couldnt get over it. My current stayed by my side the whole time. Through drug relapses and suicide attempts. I havnt attempted contacting my ex in like 8 months or more but i know that hurt her. She tells me this break isn't going to be forever and she even wants me to go sleep with other girls. But i only want her. Before this i wasn't clingy with her at all but now every time she isn't by me or isn't in the mood to cuddle i start having a panic attack because i keep thinking about what if she catches feelings for one of these dudes. Im not sure what to feel and all i want to do is take a shit ton of xanax every day and sleep through this whole thing but i know she will definitely be done with me if i do that.
Like she even admits what she is asking me is fucked up. And every time i message her she asks me how im feeling. Every time its existential dread and panic.


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  • Look dude, I’ve sorta done the same thing to this one guy I dated for five months. Its pretty sad to say but I was never really that.. into him. He was clingy and nothing but sweet. I could feel his overload of obsession towards me. It was hard to get rid of him at first. I started throwing hints and stopped being open with him, being next to him 24/7. I didn’t want to be extremely rude and tell him the truth, I was tired of him. He had always been kind and sweet i couldn’t hurt him. He didn’t really get the memo. So I told him i needed a break. After a few weeks of ignoring his messages and avoiding him I managed to shake him off. Sometimes I do message him and tell him nice things because of his depression problem.-pt 1

    • My point in telling you this is that if someone really cared for you or loved you, they’d stick with you. It has only been three years my guy. If the thought of running off to have sex with other guys ‘to live life’ is really living life then what do you think living life with you really means to her? I know you can get through this. Find yourself someone that actually cares and doesn’t want you to be their stable stand by guy (meaning the guy she’ll run back to when her hoe life is done and she’s been used up by many men). Find yourself someone who will want to live life to the fullest by your side. Stay safe and don’t go back to ex’s. things didn’t work out for a reason. Don’t try rebuilding friendships with someone who had no problem to cut you off, they won't mind repeating the same steps in the future.- pt 2

    • But she's not ignoring my me at all. Thats why im so confused and conflicted. I was just right next to her and had to go outside because these opinions and advice are making me panic and she messaged me saying i love you. I dont know what to believe

    • Only you know how to feel about this. She wants an open relationship. You don’t, you love her and you want to keep her all for yourself. Best thing to do right now is tell her how you feel about her wanting an open relationship. Open relationships only work when both people have trust and do not feel a slight pinch of jealousy when they go fuck other people. If she doesn’t want to deal with only being with you in a stable 1 to 1 person relationship then let her do what she wants and move on. Things only get better when you move on to find someone else. It might be scary to think of it. I know how it feels. But its pretty obvious that she’s choosing sex with different men instead of staying with you. Actions speak louder than words. Again, she could be telling you that she loves you because she feels bad and she knows that you’re being affected by what she wants.

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  • Look, this could be a lie or truth it doesn't change much. She doesn't want to be a part of something with you or possibly anyone. My advice is to prepare yourself for the end and take care of yourself because when it all crashes no one else will


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  • Sounds like she got bored of the relationship and wants to ride the cock carousel lol

  • Do yourself a huge favor and break up. This will hurt you a lot otherwise and will become poison in the relationship

    • I can't. I seriously dont know what to do without her.

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    • I have. She feels guilty and says she feels like cutting out the other guy shit but then i think of her just up and leaving me later in life.

    • If she does that, she didn't love you enough. Don't agree with the break, if that's reason for her to break up with you. She does not love you enough and you deserve better.

  • Break it up its over


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