Why do I always get asked about him? Does he like me?

I recently started liking this guy. Let's call him Jack. Before I liked him though, all my guy friends would ask me about Jack and if I would go with him to the dance or if I was interested in him. I always lied and said no, I found him attractive but didn't like him. I gave no indication that I was interested. I got asked about this guy at least five or six times by all his friends. He was the only guy they asked me about, they never mentioned other guys. Then I got asked if I would go to the dance with him and I finally told the truth and said yes and that I thought he was good looking. Now I like him and a couple days ago I caught him staring at me, but he looked away quickly. I was at a Christmas party last night and a mutual friend asked me if I was dating anyone. I said no. Then he said, "Well how about Jack?" It was so random. We don't talk much. Jack is good friends with all the other girls but he doesn't really talk much to me usually. Does it mean anything if his friends always ask me if I am interested in him? Even though I gave no indication that I liked him and didn't even like him at one point and we don't talk that much.


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  • It sounds like he's very interested in you. He probably will step up and ask you to the dance now that you've admitted you would be interested in going with him. When he does talk to you, don't try so hard to look like you don't like him. If he thinks you're not interested, it could really discourage him.

    • Well actually the funny thing is that he asked another girl to the dance. I still got asked if I would go with him. His best friend asked me if I would go with him if he wasn't going with her and I got asked last week, after the dance was over. So i am confused. But his best friend said that he didn't like her as anything more so...

    • Maybe, he was afraid to ask you but didn't want to go to the dance alone, so he played it safe. It sounds like he isn't very confident when he likes someone. So, I guess it was easier to go with someone he wasn't interested in.

    • Ok, thanks for the advice!

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  • You might have subconsciously indicated that you did. It's a possibility, but the more likely scenario is that he's noticed and is interested

    • Well, I got asked about him before and I didn't like him. I only started liking him about last week.

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    • He seems to not have the confidence to ask you himself but his friends are trying to convince him to just go for it but yeah, I don't know. I guess you could go up to him and ask him about his feelings towards you. That could work but it may be awkward for him.

    • Thanks for the advice!

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