How to word a text to ask him out?

Tomorrow’s the last day of the semester and our final. We’re friends rn and I have his number so I was going to text him after the test. I can’t meet him before it and you’re allowed to just leave once you’ve finished so I can’t ask after. So texting him seems like the best option. I’m not sure how to word it though. What I’ve got is - Hey there :) So I think you’re really rad and was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime? -
Let me know if you’ve got any better ideas.


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  • Unless you guys use rad in conversation normally, I wouldn't use it. If there's a way you guys would bump into each other after the test then I'd suggest asking him in person. Other than that, you're Golden

    • More thank likely he’ll finish the test before me and just skate out. I use rad but i don’t remember if he does. Is there a better word?

    • Cool, great, interesting. Rad could work too, he could see it as cute

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  • What indication has he given you that he likes you?

    • Well as far as stuff from him he sits real close to me in class when we work together. Always laughs at my jokes. He’ll tease me when I mess up or get something wrong. He’s also pointed stuff out about me like how I wiggle my fingers when thinking of what to say.

    • Haha can you really wiggle your ears 😂😁 Yer fair enough do you text each other often. Just be casual 😊

  • Guy might have serious issues if he doesn't realize it's a girl contacting him.

    • What? Of course he knows it’s me

    • Oh i was going off of if your worried that he won't want to hang out with u because u can't word something out.. Guess it can go both ways. I find myself not knowing what to say to a girl sometimes. In your case its u contacting him, where i would think thats a plus for him already.

  • "wanna hang out... ill suck you off?" literally will never get a no.

    • lol not what I’m aiming for but good to know

  • Love hanging out with u


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