Im half chinese half black and no girls seem to be attracted to me and always make jokes like “Blackie Chan” How can I get a girlfriend or even sex?


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  • You know, you're just not doing it right. You need to simply practice -- go to Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid and open up dating profiles. Concentrate on hitting on the most unattractive women possible and secure dates. When you take them out, work on your conversation technique, work on your jokes, work on your date planning (where to eat, what activities you're doing) and most importantly, when you're with them make sure you always act like they're the most beautiful, most interesting woman you've ever met. You'll be an expert in no time.

    I mean, here's the thing -- I'm a 5'4" Asian with a tiny dick and I've been hugely successful with women over my life. Even that demon that I married/divorced was this girl where I'd be walking down the streets of San Francisco and guys would stop us and ask me "Man, is that your girl? Your girl beautiful!" which to be honest, what that really means is "Damn dude, you're ugly! How the fuck did you get that?"

  • Well Asian men are least appealing on dating apps and most women prefer they’re own race Asian women stick to own and are into white men mostly


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