Where did I go wrong? NEVER AGAIN?

So I met this girl though a mutual friend. He had a get together that night. We clicked & exchanged numbers.

The next time we hung out, it was me, her and my friend. (So my friend was 3rd wheeling). We laid up & watched a movie, played pool.

She texted me immediately after we dropped her off saying “how much she had a great time, and how she finds me very attractive & how she loved every minute”.

We Snapchat, she tells me she “can’t get enough of me” she even screenshots my selfies I send to her.

Yesterday, I took her out & walked around the city. Looked at Christmas lights (she loves them). And had dinner. She texted me after I dropped her off saying “Hello 🙂 Thank you for an amazing time! You’re a sweetheart and I’m looking forward to more dates with you (hopefully) lol “

Today when we texted, things seemed tiny bit stale. She doesn’t screenshot my selfies, she acted weird. & I just told her goodnight & she said “night!!!” Instead if something cute like she always does (she always uses emojis) she didn’t this time

What did I do wrong? I’m 20, turning 21.
She’s 23. She’s very attractive & gets a lot of attention. I don’t act needy/clingy. I give her genuine compliments in person.

Any suggestions or tips?


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  • Well as a girl, first off that's a douchey thing to do on her part. Second, she didn't know what you were like at first and wanted to figure you out and then once she did maybe you weren't her type or she couldn't see a future with you which is why she started ghosting you. My advice would be to give her the same reactions she's giving you if she won't text you or make an effort you shouldn't either. If you really don't want to let it go, try one more time and then you'll have your answer. You're worth more than that.

    • Right. I was thinking the same thing. Why text me & tell me she had a amazing time though? I kissed her and it went extremely well

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    • So I should just leave it as is. I won’t contact her. See if she comes to me or not.. she use to text me randomly if I didn’t text her all day “hey you :) I’m off Sunday, we should do something” .

      I don't know. Shit seemed like it changed. Whatever

    • Well if you really want to make yourself feel better than try at it one more time to see where you guys stand. And if you don't want to do that then I guess you'll know there really isn't a future. If she's not trying to talk to you like she did before than she probably doesn't want to continue with things. Dude, plenty of fish in the sea.

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