How to know if a girl genuinely likes you, or just stringing you along?

Just as the question states. There is this girl that I really like, but I have a hard time figuring out if she really is into me. She does state she really is into me, but then there are times she would say that a certain type of girl would be best for me. Saying that she wouldn't fit me because she is "to mean and loud," and "I am super nice and quiet." There are times she says that I would make a difference in my community and she plans to go back to where she lives (we live in the same town right now, but are originally from different states). Yet we talk quite frequently, and I have told her how I felt on several occasions (and she still continues to talk to me). She has asked to wait for her to work through some stuff. I just don't know at first it struck me as odd, because to me if you really like somebody why wait, but I decided to go against what I was thinking (even though I feel stupid doing it, because what if my original thought is right). So I decided to wait around and continue talking with her to see what happens. There are times if I wonder if she is playing me and just keeping me on the hook (despite her saying that no she isn't doing that, but then again people can say anything). I just need advice on this.
I should also state that she always says that I am a great guy, that I always make her smile/laugh, and that she really likes talking to me and hearing my voice.


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  • As a guy who has gone throw/and is going through a very similar if not identical situation, let me share my thoughts. The answer is both, the truth is she is stringing you along, but she also likes you. She didn't say yes for a few reasons

    1- She doesn't want to "officially" be in a relationship but wants the perks
    2- Your not the only guy she's talking too
    3- She has life problems going on and isn't ready

    Whatever the reason, its not your fault. My advice is this, yeah sure continue talking to her, but don't let her control you, and remember, you can talk to other girls too.

    If she truly truly liked you, you two would be dating, and she would say so. Family and life issues can only go so far, my friend for example, his dad committed suicide. He still committed to a new relationship with a girl, even after all the turmoil, because he loved her.

    I'd leave the ball in her court, if nothing happens within a couple weeks, take the ball out and move forward, no need to stress over a girl who doesn't care about your own feelings.


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