Is he losing interest?

So I had a crush on my male friend for a while. He dated other girls, and liked other people, but also made time for me, was sweet to me, and treated me nice. Recently he broke up, and I admitted feelings to him. He said he had the feelings back, and also noted that even if he didn't, just to tell him because he's an open guy and would never think of me less.

We went on our first date and it was great, we kept hanging out and doing stuff together, eventually he popped the question whether we are a couple. Afraid of rushing, I said I wanted more time. A few more weeks passed and everything the same, acting sweet and nice, constant contact. He popped the question again (because I told him the day I'd give him the answer), and again asked for more time.

Stress and life came into play, and we hung out the next day, but I texted him saying I valued our friendship and didn't want anything to be ruined (I was under tons of stress with family). He poured his heart out and told me no matter what, he would work around my schedule and be there for me every step of the way. After this again I asked for more time (basically all of winter break on college).

Things were okay again, still nice and sweet and funny and supportive, but he called me his "girlfriend" and I corrected saying we weren't yet. He seemed not upset, but just confused, I just didn't want to rush into it all. Now he's slowly backing off, and I just wanted to make sure he wasn't in love with his ex still (he really liked her), and I also had another guy that I didn't know what to do about. I don't want to jump into a relationship before separating over winter break, but I don't think he will wait. Any thoughts?
Is he losing interest?
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