Should I Be Less Distant Now?

Last weekend I went out with a girl I met online. The date went ok. She was shy and quiet. I had to cut the date a little short because I had somewhere to arrangements with family. She seemed rather confused by that and I thought I pissed her off. I texted her a a few hours after and she told me she had fun. I reached out to her 3 days later and asked her out again. She accepted and had some small talk going. I reached out to her again a couple of days later with small talk. We didn't speak the day before we went out.

We went out yesterday and I reached out a few hours before the date to give her a definite time. I had plans that day with family. She accepted. She ran late because she kept getting off at the wrong exit. She was dressed very nicely. She looked great. She constantly flipped her hair and fidgeted. She had drinks ate pizza and talked. We walked around for a couple hours later. It was getting late and the area was shady so I walked her back to her car. I opened the car door for her and she acted a little awkward. She said thank you. She put her stuff in the car and put her back to me. She turned around quickly and moved in for a hug not even looking at me. I moved in for a kiss.. that's when we started making out and she put her arms around me. She told me to drive safely and I said goodnight. I heard her laughing as she closed her door. I text her after and said I had a good time. She said the same and thanked me with a smiley. Should I keep the pace I'm at? Wait a few days to ask again.. reach out every couple of days. Or since it's obvious she likes me should I be a little more aggressive?
Should I Be Less Distant Now?
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