I need your input for my story?

This is really weird, and a crazy thing to ask but, okay- basically so love angst, and I love writing angst scenarios. I have a few questions directed towards guys for my story.

1) What certain things make you jealous?

2) What emotions do you feel when you get jealous?

😌 How do you think you would feel if you thought your girlfriend was cheating on you. (Like deep down you 100% felt like she was)

4) What would you say to her? How would you confront her? Would you just ignore her?

5) How would you feel if you found out that she wasn't actually cheating and you somehow got it mixed up? (I need ideas for that too)

6) How would you feel if your girlfriend seemed distant?

7) On What circumstances would you feel like your anger "gets out of hand", or just becomes a bit overwhelming?

Also, for anyone who wants to answer this specific question; In what scenerios would you think your partner is cheating? Or what would it look like?

These questions might be a bit silly, so I apologize in advance. 🀦

(I asked this anonymously and no one said anything, so I'm just gonna suck up my pride and face it head onπŸ˜‚)


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  • 1. When she spends time with other dudes.
    2. Anger, sorrow, and jealously lol
    3. I would feel pissed but even moreso sad beucase I'd feel I wasn't good enough.
    4. I would ask her why she even dated me in the first place and why she let it go on for so long ripping me apart.
    5. I'd feel even worse cause it would show my own insecurities and that I'm at fault and to claim and not her. Then I'd be embarrassed and ashamed
    6. I'd feel confused and desperate to try and get her back
    7. If someone hurts or disrespects someone/something I care about.
    Questions weren't silly, it helped me vent a little lol


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  • 1. When my boyfriend talk to other ladies or something have to do with subject
    2. sad depressed angry frustrated jealously mad confused.
    3. If my boyfriend was like cheating on me I would break up right then and their even when I feel like he is cheating on me I would just have to think positive and have faith and most of all trust... My feelings would be what #2 is
    4. I would ask him.. And also ( yes I did do this ) I would create another profile and chat with him and see if he cheated on me and not one word he wanted to cheat on me
    5. I would feel ok and embarrassed and say sorry a lot and just won't talk
    6. myboyfriend I would not feelok
    7. I have anger easily it can come out of hand when jealously comes , when in being accused for nothing I did , when im being hurt by someone else spirit emotional physically etc
    8. If my boyfriend was cheating he would want to hide anything from me text emails this or that he would make excuses why he has to leave he would not want to be around me often etc..


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  • 1) When she chills with guys (friends) without telling me, when she says another guy is cute, when she talks about her ideal guy and I compare myself to those ideals
    2) Just sadness and depression really... no anger... just makes me feel undesired.
    3... Same as number 2
    4) I would personally just break up at that point. I wouldn't be able to handle the emotions and I don't want to have to fight for a girl. I want her to love me for who I am, and not have to worry about what she does.
    5) Embarrassed that I guessed/assumed wrong and hope that she doesn't think I'm insecure.
    6) During the times that she's distant, I also get distant. Physics... a force gets an equal reaction force.
    7) There was once when my ex grinded on another guy in front of me and I watched for minutes behind her, then I got fed up and left, but I was at her university residence and had all my stuff in her room so I couldn't even leave as she had her card. So I waited for her to get back, only to have her slam the door on me and lock me out. When she came out she attempted to talk to me for about an hour. When I ignored all that, she went into my jacket pocket and took my wallet to get my attention. At that point I lost it and puched her in the stomach and told her to give me my wallet back. I regret that every day in my life. Although I believe there is a time when a guy should be allowed to hit a girl, I was not justified in my case. And I'm no longer pure because of that.

    • Thank you for your response :)

      To be fair, she was being bitchy. I'm not saying hitting her was okay (unless she hit you first or soemthing) But I can definitley understand how it riled you up.

    • Yes she was bitchy but as the physically stronger one it shows a lack of class to hit your girlfriend. I will always regret it and look at it as something that taints my life.

    • I appreciate the consoling words though 😊

  • I may be a little late for this but... sometimes these quiz things are fun to do. xD
    1, As a feminine guy, I kinda get jealous of some girls because Im also the type who thinks, "I wish I could look like that" but, not as much anymore. I dont have much of jealousy anymore now that I thought about it... I also still get a litte jello if someone goes to a an another country or a anime con without me lol.
    2, Its like a mix of envy and depression.
    3, I would still be with her until she admits it. I just can't break up with literally anyone! No matter who or how they are, I hate to see them upset in any way or form. T. T
    4, I might bug her... depends on my mood lol.
    5, I guess its a good thing I would wait and see then. O. O lol How would I find out though? I tend to sense things. I would know by her eyes and her voice as well-if she's telling the truth and nothing changed for years, always being around me more than anywhere else and she still loves me.
    6, Maybe if she doesn't act the way she use to around me anymore for years... epecially if she doen't talk to me anymore or even worse... not sleeping with me anymore. (If its before marriage too and was the type who would want to sleep with me... I just hope she won't expect me to go sexual lol Im asexual so... obviously I won't do anything lol! Plus, when I was a baby, I slept with a girl and if you really think about it: if I didn't act sexual as a baby, I could still do the same now. To me, its no probem lol.)
    7, I dont get angry. It takes a lot. If I do tho, I will bottle it. The last time I was angry, I was in High School but I didn't say or do anything. All I could think was, "This world needs to end now!" lol

    The reason my parents split up, most of it is still a mystery but... my Dad was the type who would get angry easily and take out everything on Mom. (I was always and still am scared of anger. Its actually my worst fear lol. Thats why I dont get angry...) Dad also ended up wanting to touch my Mom's boobs (I saw it on one of his "sorry" notes...) which scared her. (Shes the VERY sensitive and innocent type... and oblivious sometimes lol)

  • When my anger is most likely to become unmanageable would be when I have been hurt seemingly beyond repair. The first stage of anger is to feel hurt, like if someone were to kick you in the stomach the first reaction is pain, followed by confusion about why, followed by increasing anger that is building and finally the urge to get a chainsaw and take her off at the knees.

  • 1. When I see a girl I like talking to other guys or if a guy is talking to a girl I like
    2. I feel both anger and sadness
    3. I'd question how she can do that because I thought she would love me
    4. I would gently ask her at first but maybe do a personal investigation
    5. I would feel really bad and guilty that I falsely accused her
    6. I would question why our relationship feels that way and why she seems to act distant.
    7. If I start yelling too much
    8. I might think my partner would be cheating if she was out with other people or talking to other guys secretly.

    • Thank you for sharing! I appreciate it!

  • 1) when I see my girl hanging out with guys too much
    2) I feel anger and sadness because sometimes I try not to show it
    3) I will be devastated like I would probably be restless and keep thinking
    4) like I would ask her if she really loves me and values me if we still have that special connection and if she's truly faithful to me and also put my hand on face just to feel her emotion and kiss her if she rejects something is wrong
    5) I would probably be ashamed because I just wasted my time thinking of stupid things
    6) pretty sad like I need her close by me and still have special bond
    7) when I can't take it anymore

    And when she keeps avoiding me and make up excuse not to be with me and has no time for me


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