Asian boys are not welcome?

I am Asian boys, my height is 178 cm, but I find that I am not popular with the girls, even if I hard. I don't mind you have racial discrimination, I just want to know your in the mind think, why we not welcome, thank you for your answer.
  • Asian people don't beautiful
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  • Asians buy compared niang
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  • Just don't like, no reason
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  • Asian people do not have quality
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  • Being unpopular doesn't have to be related to your ethnicity, it could be a whole slew of other things.
    I like the aesthetic of Asian people because they're really quite pretty. I'm often jealous of Asian ladies' straight, shiny hair and flawless skin. Plus my boyfriend is half Korean, and I just adore him, and especially love the way his quintessentially Asian "tear bags" pop up when he smiles.

    • Thank you for your answer, my English is not good, maybe is not quite right, but your answer makes me very confident, I think I'll change my question

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  • I'm gay and I masturbate to Asian boys only


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  • what you said u Asian boyz


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