Girls, what kind of things turns you away from a guy on a first few dates?

I know being rude to a waiter / waitress is a big no no. But what else?


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  • Being on his phone the whole time really makes me mad. Being rude, whether it be flat out or making jokes about someone. When he's a messy eater, it's kinda like "uhhhh were you raised by wolves?" Lol ummm not really caring as to what I have to say shows that he not really interested. People said it before, but interupting my talking or constantly talking about himself is a no no


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  • Talking too much about yourself... talk about yourself... just don't over do it. I went on an awful date where all he did was talk about his tobacco fields and how his dad helped his credit. He interrupted. So that's what i mean by talking to much about yourself... Just don't over do it lol

    • If she asks a question sure I'll answer but I'd much rather find out more about her. I can get carried away sometimes with details that are probably boring to be honest lol

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    • Yeah, don't do a movie unless it's a comedy movie. Then food. Or vise versa.

    • The point of a date is go get to know each other. You're frowned upon talking during a movie unless you're whispering into the other persons ear.

      So a movie isn't the best idea to get to know each other. Maybe for like a third date but still eh.

  • Being rude in general, being cocky, interrupt while I'm trying to talk, talking about past relationships, sex talk, being on your phone the whole time ( especially if it doesn't involve checking in your kids if they have any) talk about Current baby mama issues, marriage talk or having kids. My list can go on.

    • Those all make plenty sense. Are guys commonly on their phone a lot?

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    • I feel like you're unsure

    • No. Communication is very important. The first time it goes off I would apologize and say I just need to make sure it's not the babysitter. It shouldn't take someone 5 minutes to check their phone.

  • Anger towards the LGBTQ community/ homophobia, disrespect for women or a victim mentality have all been reasons I’ve stopped going on dates with dudes.
    On dates with women, insulting someone else’s looks has been the only of such incidents.

    • Yeah there are a lot of disrespectful guys. That does make sense. I've grown up with my parents not agreeing with anything about the LGBTQ community. I've never had a problem as I've had plenty of friends that are part of it.

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