My first love ( who turned me down) said that I was perfect and had all the qualities a perfect guy could have but she said she wasn't ready?

She also had a thing for her best guy friend and he died later coz of cancer. Is she still not over him? The first time i texted her we unexpectedly talked for 4 hours till 3 am and then i got to know every thing about her not even any of her friend knew anything like i knew her. But she said i was a good friend and she didn't want to hurt me.

I can't really move on coz talking with her took me lots of courage and i dont think il ever be able to connect with someone so deeply as i did with her. After 6 months of being friend i have left her but it hurts even more now.
Any girl share something to guide me.


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  • It will take time for u to get over it but u will meet someone along the way to help with it


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  • She is still not emotionally prepared to be in another relationship... It's as simple as that. Given the situation she could still need time to put his memory to rest and move on... She also could feel some survivors guilt and partily blame herself for his death... She says she doesn't want to hurt you so she is not confident in her own ability. If you truly have deep feelings for the girl you should stick around and be patient. Eventually a window will open up, but most (especially at your age) are impatient... if you can somehow continue being patient and helping her through whatever problems she has with a relationship you will have a chance. FWIW there comes a point where you are basically in a pseduo relationship anyway and if you just stick it out itg will happen officially down the line if you play your cards right.

    • But she didn't give me much attention. And took hours to reply. She texted me first only when she was upset. I saw these signs but ignored them for a long time. Initially we both made an equal effort but when she turned me down she started ignoring me a bit

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    • Give me something that i can't cling to as hope for not looking back again and focusing on studies

    • Like I said before, if I can see her I can make a judgement call in like 5 minutes. Normally the bad news have it written all over their body language. Likewise there are girls thast check the right boxes and it might be worth sticking it out

  • I'm in the same boat, my friend. I developed feeling for my girl best friend and she turned me down. I'm struggling to get over her but we've decided to stay friends and work back to what we had. Seriously, we had such a connection and to most people around us, we looked like a couple because of how close we were. What I'm doing now is figuring out how I can improve from this. I ain't that good at flirting and making my intentions clear so I'm working on that. I think you should do the same. Work and improve on yourself and maybe, she will come to you :)

    • I have already left her twice and if i come back its not gonna be anything worth it. It will prove my neediness

    • Why did you leave her in the first place? If you had a connection then it it would be a better move to keep it and move on from there like a man. But my message is still the same, improve yourself. You can do that with or without her.

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