How can I get someone to initiate conversations?

In short, there's a girl who I know likes me back bc we've talked about it. We're currently living way apart and won't see each other for months. I anyways end up initiating phone calls and whatnot.

Due to my past experiences I don't always want to have to be the one to start up a conversation. It makes me feel needy / clingy / as if the other person doesn't care, even though I think it's just because she's shy.

Is there a way to get her to initiate more? I thought about not texting her and seeing if she starts a conversation but
1. We just talked about the fact that we kinda like each other and I don't want her to think that after that talk I stopped caring
2. That feels manipulative


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  • Talk to her about exactly what you asked, what’s the worst thing that can happen? If you know she likes you too it should be refreshing for her to see your honesty

    • I agree. It's just, we're still very low commitment / all we've agreed on is that we'd like to see where this goes in the future (we're physically separated for the next few months due to school), so I'm just worried she'll feel overly... Burdened? Attacked? I don't know. By it. Do you think it'd still be fine?

    • Some girls like to know guys actually think as deep as they do. I would fall over with excitement if my jerk boyfriend even halfway seemed as concerned for my feelings. Tell her your concerns for her feelings and you’ll have a melty pile of girl butter

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  • If a girl wanted to talk to you, trust me, shr would talk to you. My advice is go all or nothing. Explain to her that you want her to text you first sometimes and if she still doesn't then she gotta go. she's just wasting your time.


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