Did I screw this up?

I have know this girl through social media for two months. We started with small talk, I asked her to hangout a couple times but there’s was always an excuse. I found out she had just gotten out of a four year relationship so I kinda backed out on her but we still kept the small talk going. Last Sunday, she randomly called me at night and asked me to hang. I was already out and about but she met up with me and we went to the beach and stayed there til 2am talking about life. This was the first time we met each other in person. She knows I just got out of a relationship too so she asked me if I wanted to spend New Years with her and her friends on a weekend snowboarding trip. I told her yeah... the next couple days we talk on the phone every night and texted throughout the day and she agrees to hangout Thursday at my place. Anyways she drives like almost an hour to me. We hangout on the couch, we cook and even plan the road trip. About 3am hits and she says she wants to head home cause she’s tired. I was hesitate to make a move for plenty of reasons. Didn’t really want to one so soon and them find out we’re on different pages and then the whole trip gets cancelled. Anyways we kept chatting over the weekend while she was out of town. And today I asked if she wanted to have dinner and she replied with “I wish I could go but I have a date” ... so now I’m like damn. Did I really mess this up in the matter one week?


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