Why did this make my boyfriend laugh so much?

We have been together for approximately 4 years and have lived together for 2. I have a strict rule for myself that I can't get too comfortable around him and always want to be "sexy" and "cute" for him. I'm basically a girly girl and love dressing up, wearing makeup, and doing anything romantic with him. That obviously includes no burping, farting, or using the bathroom around him because I think that takes away from my appeal. Well just the other day I was having a conversation with him on the couch while we were starting up a movie and I accidentally let out a little toot. It was not loud but it still was heard by him & there was nothing I could say or do to deny it lol. I was soooo pink and couldn't think of what to say but he just looked at me with a little smirk and died laughing. I was laughing with him because I was feeling really awkward. I seriously was so embarrassed and said "Stop laughing ahaha." He said "I can't help it! I've never heard you fart before this. You're not no princess anymore." He's more of a serious guy so the fact that he was laughing so much was embarrassing even more. Why did this make him laugh especially hard? More importantly, how do I stop being mortified by the whole incident. He's picking me up today from work to go out to dinner and I still feel residual embarrassment aha


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  • I guess the fact that you build that image of a princess is what made him laugh so much, i'm sure it was not any bad intention. I'd say you should be more natural with him but if this is your nature it's no problem.
    Just let this pass throughand try to laugh about it it surely didn't change anything for him, maybe he is more comfortable now even :)

    • We laughed it off but not without him picking on me about it lol :( I guess i put it on myself for always trying to uphold the princess image lol

    • You don't have to that's for sure, but if you like to it's your choice really.
      Just tell him that you don't want to hear it over and over it's done and was funny but that's all and I hope he'll respect that

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  • How do you want to live with somebody for a lifetime (about 40-50 years) if you play a role? You won't let your daughter be human and fart or anything either?


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  • The fact that you've never farted in front of him in four years is astounding. That's the reason why he found it funny.

    • Astounding? Lol :) I honestly thought most girls would feel the same way

    • Maybe for 6 months or so (depending on the speed of which you get serious) but certainly by the time you move in; at least in my experience those kind of walls break down. Not to mention humans fact in their sleep a lot so even girlfriends that weren't comfortable like that yet would fart in front of me as I often struggle with sleep. It's just a part of being in a relationship.

  • He laughed because farts can be funny. He has probably noticed you never have any functions in front of him


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