Why would she choose me, if there's someone better looking or more interesting out there?

Whenever I'm into a girl, I get this feeling of inferiority. I always think that there must be someone better than me hitting on her or waiting down the corner. Why would she choose me, if there's someone better looking or more interesting out there? I know I'm probably being irrational, but it's really hard to chase away that feeling.


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  • I asked this same sort of question a while back!

    Although you might think there are people out there that are more superior than you, she might not think so. It also depends on if she likes your personality, too. If your personalities are more compatible than the guys that are seen as “superior,” then you already have the upper hand. Just be confident!

    • Yeah... I'm confident in almost everything else I do except when it comes to dating/flirting/etc.

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  • You sound insecure about yourself in some way.
    Maybe there's something about you that you don't like, and I don't think this feeling will go until you step up to it, and change it.

    That's a really, really difficult thing to do though, so don't be disheartened or feel isolated. I hope that offers you some encouragement, at least.

    • Yeah I guess it's hard convince someone you're great, if you don't think that yourself..

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  • Apparently you have that one thing those other guys don't have. Don't get fed up with it, it will just send you down a dark road. Maybe you are good looking in another kind a way, or maybe you are really funny. She did not choose you for nothing and looks aren't all

  • There's always someone better. She has bad taste in men, take the chance when you have it.


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