Having a girlfriend is overrated?

I have never had a girlfriend , but my frnds are constantly forcing me to make one. Just for sake of name of having one ! Shall i make one? If yes , then how do i get to know that who is perfect girl for me and she likes me?


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  • Aren't you supposed to Get a girlfriend and not make one... how would you? Cookie dough some sugar and love with a touch of spfinkled gems for eyes?


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  • If you like a girl you might be able to get her as your girlfriend. It's a process and it doesn't always work. However life without a girlfriend doesn't necessarily suck or anything. It's better to be single than to get your heart broken constantly. Don't do this because you get pressured into it, do it only because you want it with a girl you like.

  • It's ok to be gay or asexual. If you actually were into girls you wouldn't need to invent reasons

    • No. You are taking it all wrong. i am perfectly straight , i have got crushes every now and then. But its like as of now i dont love anyone.

    • Asexual as term is lacking in interest. Not specifically being drawn to other things. But no don't ever feel that you have to be in a relationship. Don't force it. If you ever meet someone where it feels right then that is it. But don't try to invent reasons that you must be in a relationship. Lots of people are happy singles.

  • fuck women


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