How would I tell my best friend that I want to have sex with him?

Plot twist (ya gonna hate me for this one) I'm dating his brother.


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  • Then you wonder why guys call people like you a slut. Want the cake and eat it too. If you're not happy with boyfriend don't waste his time. Leave him and I would suggest to not cause problems by going with his brother. That's idiotic and childish.

    • He cheated on me first asshole lmfao. And if you must know I really don't give a fuck about what guys call me.

    • Then why are still with him? And yes you will care when people find out what you done.
      You young folks have a lot to learn about relationships. It never ends well when you do things out of spite and revenge, never.

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  • First, if you are unhappy with your current boyfriend then leave him. Simple as that. Stop wasting his time. Wait a bit then ask your crush on a date and go from there.

  • Plot twist... sucks... you'd fuck up a brothers relationship for a bit of hard wang?

    • Well I haven't done anything that's first. Second his brother would be ruining their relationship if we had chose to do so not me. Third I NEVER said that I was going to do it. Questioned it but never attempted.

  • Yes we hate you for this one but urges are urges right? Maybe you want to not date his brother before doing anything else.

  • Be vocal. Tell him about it. Just don't mess things up else you'll end up losing both of them.

    • But like how? I suck at talking about my feelings

    • Tell him that he's attractive and ask him if you look pretty. Try to get signals and then take lead. Tell him he looks hot and give him a peck. See how the reaction is. Go with the flow accordingly.

  • just say "I want to have sex with you" :)

    • You don't think he'd freak and tell his brother? Lmao

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    • Well he cheated and I feel like getting even instead of just letting it go so I wanna cheat but in silence. I don't know strange way of payback i guess

    • That's your call but i guess you should maybe first let him go if you're mad at him. Cheating isn't cool :( even if he did it, if the brother is your friend he'll understand why you left him. After that, you can nail everyone you want =)

  • Approach them as an idea of a 3some.

  • Idiot, lol.


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