Why is she so boring? All she wants to do is stay at home?


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  • Been there buddy, but I was k the opposite boat. I never went out. Maybe try finding something that you both might enjoy. It could be anything from bowling to watching a movie at a theatre with dessert after. If not, try telling her how you feel, she's probably staying home because it's a wonderful comfort zone. Ask her why she likes to stay home and if there is anything you can do to help her change her mind time to time.

    • How can you change that. it's so hard to hang out with her. I love her too much. but she rather stay at home half the time.

    • You have to tell her that buddy. You don't want to make her mad or hurt her, but you have to be happy too.

      Say "hey something has beem bothering me recently, I don't want you to take this too personally, I really want to do more rather than just stay home all the time."

      Be honest and be patient. She should also want to make you happy as well. As I like to say relationships are a 60%/40% split. You give her 60%and expect 40% back. She should give you 60%and expect 40%back.

    • I always want to make her happy. i feel unloved BC she never wants to go any where besides stay home. we only hang out in weekends.. This bothers me so much. i love her so much

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