Best way to find out if crush has a boyfriend. As in how to figure it out without asking directly while out together?

What type of question (s) can be asked without making it obvious. Going out for drinks soon with a woman. When I asked if she’d like to go out for coffee or drinks so we can get to know each other, she said “yeah sure”. I said I’m not asking you out or anything, she replied with “oh no that’s fine”. Not sure how to read into her replies either.


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  • Search her on the internet, pic or status with boyfriend says enough. If that doesn't work, ask her if she has dated before/is currently dating. Why --> 'cause you don't want her boyfriend to think it's strange you're going out for drinks.

    Best way is to ask, don't want that? Then talk to her, if she is dating someone she will mention it. Like: last summer me and my boyfriend went to france (or w. e.).

    • Her FB is private, and only pictures with guys I can see are from 2-3 years ago.

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    • Okay. I mean she agreed to go out some time, and replied without being asked what her work schedule is like. All I know is, if I ask her flat out it says that is my intention from the get go.

    • Yeah I hear ya. But, either go out with her and just think: I'm going out and having fun, starting with being friends and seeing how it develops. Or be upfront. I understand that you fear rejection, and don't want to put pressure on it. But perhaps it would be better to keep it low profile in that case. Just see how it goes. I don't know how well you know her?

      Anyways, the plus side is that she agreed to go out some time, that means at least she enjoys your company and is willing to spend one-on-one time with you. I think that's more important (assuming you don't know eachother that well).

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  • Have you been in relationship recently? Do you think a lot about your ex flames?


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  • Just ask her if she's single/available. You may as well just be straightforward about it.

    • Here’s the thing, we are neighbors and she recently moved to my area. I’ve been super polite, gave her a house warming gift, talked to her family when it was nicer outside. I’d be cool with being a friend, yet want to tread lightly to something more if she’s available. At the same time want to avoid any awkwardness.

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  • Ask her if she likes sucking a dick.

    If she says yes she does


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