My Ex boyfriend Texted Me After 9 Months?

My ex of 3 years and I broke up 9 months ago after living together. We talked on and off and then 2 months ago he pretty much said he is ready to move on. I blocked him & his family from my social media... Today all of a sudden he texted me saying that "he can't forgive me for hurting him & hasn't slept in months". I never replied. Why did he text? What's his motive/intentions?


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  • Because he's angry at you still and wants to let you know about it

    • But does he want to let me know that he is angry because he still cares & wants me to be kind to him? Or did he message me just to upset me?

    • He's really hurt. It sounds like he just had to get it out of his system and you also blocked his family too don't forget. I'm not so sure he wants to get back together with you

    • Thank you for most helpful award

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  • he just wants to see how are you doing?
    no intentions that is all


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