Why a guy disappears?

my question is that i known a guy for 6 months then met him , now he doesn't talk to me but looks at my snapchat?
he disappeared , like we got along for 6 months straight , phone calls , texting etc now gone


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  • Maybe you never showed him that you like him, and he thinks you don't like him. So, maybe he has given up on you. Shit happens a lot you know

    • Thazs the first thing I think about. Or whem I get the impression she is just playing. Im out

    • @cookiiee he give me a kiss on lips and at the end he hugged me twice with a kiss on head

    • Then find him and talk to him. Tell him trully and honestly how you feel. I hope for the best for you two.

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  • Maybe he's very shy, and just got a little scared,

    • i don't understand its 6 months and no hearing

    • There is no point in dwelling on it, sweetheart. The best thing you can do is move on with your life, Moping over him isn't going to bring him back, nor will it give you your answers.
      Get on with things, enjoy yourself, and if he's still interested, he'll catch up and maybe even explain.
      If not, there's nothing you can about it.

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  • He probably likes you enough at least online but something kind of turned his off. Unless I read this wrong.

  • He might be on a mission to Mars. There are often WiFi problems on interplanetary communication­čśë we men are just dumb usually to leave a girl. We take them for granted sometimes­čśé

  • Maybe he thought of your relationship as love and found someone else? He could also be going through a really rough time.


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