She flirts more when she's in a relationship than she did when she wasn't?

This girl that I talk to told me a while she liked me (I didn't like her back at the time) but she really seemed to keep those feelings to herself even though I already knew. Now she's found someone else, they're dating and she claims she's happy, she seems happy, yet she flirts with me a lot and I'm so confused what's going on


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  • I don't why but it happens to me a lot too. I think it is because she is having fun and the interaction is playful.

    • It's driving me nuts honestly, I'm that person who want what she can't have so of course now she's got someone else I'm so into her so I don't know what to do, do I play along and flirt back or what? She's honestly so frustrating

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    • That is going to be a challenge, she's sexy af 😍 😂

    • Well, unfortunate as that is, you have two options, remain her friend and work on not having feelings for her or cut all ties. Since you really like her friendship and I don't blame you as good friends are hard to find, then you must work on your feelings for her.

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