If you develop an unexpected & intense crush on a girl that is married can you turn off all feelings for her, or would part of you keep hope alive?

By an intense crush i mean the following:

- you can't stop staring
- you can't speak properly
- nervous, fidgeting
- you do anything she asks you for
- you are almost magnetically drawn to her
- you get pangs of jealousy about her husband


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  • Hell no, I hate love triangles, this would never happen to me

    • I did not say you would try to intervene while she was married, more keep hope alive if she were ever available. I don't know how the question suggested a love triangle.

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    • We will have to agree to disagree because the situation is not at all as you have detailed.

    • You detailed it not me

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  • I like a girl that has a boyfriend, and even though she shows a lot of interest, I've decided to stay away. I no longer talk to her, no flirting, no looking, and I now think about her about 80% less than I used to. In a little more time, she will be forgotten and I won't feel a thing for her anymore.

    So the answer is yes, I can turn off feelings, and most guys probably can do the same.


What Girls Said 1

  • Turn the hope all off. Keeping hope for someone that's taken is stupid and a waste of time. Anyone can get over infatuation, just takes time.


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