Did he lose all interest in me?

I work with this guy. After months of casual flirting, I got up the courage to let him know that I was into him. And the feeling was mutual! We immediately started hanging out (and the hang outs were not very friendly... if you know what I mean...). This hook up/flirt at work/ text nonstop thing went on for months. Then it kind of stopped for a bit. Then it started back up again for awhile. Then it ended again. This on and off thing has been for about a year now, which didn’t bother me at first... but it’s starting to make me question things. A couple months ago I asked him what we were and he responded, “I want to be together, but I’m not looking for anything serious right now,” and I was totally on board with that! I know for a fact that he is not seeing other girls, but he sends so many mixed messages of being interested one day and then not interested the next by going MIA, being a little distant at work, or not responding to a text. For a little while I had to be the one to initiate all the texting, but I’ve recently backed off completely at work AND over text. And he hasn’t tried to reach out for weeks... Is he just not into me anymore?
Did he lose all interest in me?
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