Im positive this kid likes me and I don't know what to do?

I added this guy back on snapchat (thinking it was someone else), when i realized it was someone else i didn't remove them and then the guy asked to get to know me better so i just said okay, because i knew he was in my grade at my school. He started talking to me a ton and basically everyday. Eventually he asked me to go see a movie with him and his friends but i said i couldn't (i had never talked to the guy in real life and knew it would be awkard). Then a while later he asked to hangout again and i gave him the same response and then afterwards he asked me to go to the school play. I said maybe, even tho i didn't wanan go and then the next day at school people were asking about our date and turns out he was calling it a date, but when i asked him about it and told him i didn't like him back he just said that was never his intention. A couple days later he asked me if i liked him (even tho i literally told him i didn't a few days prior) and i said i didn't. Later he was talking to me about asking some girl out because the girl he actually likes doesn't like him back and thought the date was just hanging out, and i felt like he was hinting towards me but i played dumb. I keep seeing him in the hallway now and its so awkward because we dont talk outside of snapchat and have classes together and i also feel so bad for rejecting him. I dont know if i should say hi to him in the hallway or ignore him because i dint want to come off as mean, but i also dont want to lead him on..
Im positive this kid likes me and I don't know what to do?
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