Why do you think I can't find a girlfriend?

Physically i'm:
-average looking (slightly nerdy looking)
-skinny (no matter how much i eat or workout)
-i dress well
-i'm higienic
-i would rate myself a 6/10 overall

Personality wise i'm:
-very funny and kind (according to my friends)
-kinda lazy
-smart (also i have a college degree and i'm taking a masters degree currently. My college has a lot of girls but none of them ever shows interest in me)
-i never approach girls i like because i'm too shy to do that even though i have a lot of female friends (also girls never seem to want to be more than friends with me so i never feel motivated to approach girls that interest me because i feel like no girl will want to date me)
- i'm not very social. I like to stay at home and rarely go to parties or social events. I usually leave the house only 3 times a week. I have only like 8 friends
-i don't really have a hobby or a talent that makes me stand-out from the other people. I'm pretty average at everything
-i'm not picky when it comes to girls (i mean i wouldn't date a girl i find ugly but i wouldn't mind dating the most average girl on earth)
You're not physically attractive
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Your personality is not interesting enough
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You don't try to approach girls
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You're not social enough
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I don't know why either
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Why do you think I can't find a girlfriend?
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