Why do you think I can't find a girlfriend?

Physically i'm:
-average looking (slightly nerdy looking)
-skinny (no matter how much i eat or workout)
-i dress well
-i'm higienic
-i would rate myself a 6/10 overall

Personality wise i'm:
-very funny and kind (according to my friends)
-kinda lazy
-smart (also i have a college degree and i'm taking a masters degree currently. My college has a lot of girls but none of them ever shows interest in me)
-i never approach girls i like because i'm too shy to do that even though i have a lot of female friends (also girls never seem to want to be more than friends with me so i never feel motivated to approach girls that interest me because i feel like no girl will want to date me)
- i'm not very social. I like to stay at home and rarely go to parties or social events. I usually leave the house only 3 times a week. I have only like 8 friends
-i don't really have a hobby or a talent that makes me stand-out from the other people. I'm pretty average at everything
-i'm not picky when it comes to girls (i mean i wouldn't date a girl i find ugly but i wouldn't mind dating the most average girl on earth)
  • You're not physically attractive
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  • Your personality is not interesting enough
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  • You don't try to approach girls
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  • You're not social enough
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  • I don't know why either
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Are you sure you’re kind? A lot of guys claim to be “nice guys” and get pissed at women for existing and end up being more abusive than any other guy.

    • As i said: according to my friends

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a combination of your lack of social behavior, your lack of hobbies, and your lack confidence.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I feel like confidence and the tendency to be slightly antisocial is your main issues.
    I mean you sound lovely so it's nothing really personality wise except for lack of confidence and shyness.
    So just focus on the good things about yourself and use that to stand up straight and talk to any girl you like.
    Girls like guys with confidence, ones who are easy to talk to

  • Only you know, what are you doing?, do you approach, do you land someone then sabotage the union.
    We all sorta know why we're single, so you tell me.

  • I haven't ever been in a relationship so... I can't really help you

  • You can

  • I don’t know


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