Why do some YOUNG AND SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS date their students?

Do some HIGH SCHOOL teachers date their students because the students are hot, because they are smart, or both? Please don't answer things like "oh, because they are pedos." I am looking for a serious answer. I am talking about HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS. NOT college teachers. How is it that a teacher develops feelings or simple sexual attraction towards a student? What are some signs that a teacher is developing feelings towards a student? How does this happen? Do these relationships last? I am talking about YOUNG, MALE, SINGLE TEACHERS! TEACHERS IN THEIR EARLY 30'S! NOT the married ones or the 40-60 year old teachers!


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  • I thought you meant all the hot lady teachers in their late 20s that have been in the news this year.
    Anyways I've always thought it because dating as an adult is time-consuming and not always at the pace you want while young girls are hormonal and very easy to manipulate.


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