I went on his Facebook messages, is he going to hate me forever?

So I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 26. One day while he left his apartment I had gone on his computer to check my Facebook to see my work schedule. When I got there his account was still logged on. I was about to X out when a message popped up and brought me to his other messages. Being stupid bored and curious I started clicking through just wondering who he was talking to. Obviously I wasn't looking for anything and didn't find anything but I was so mad at myself for betraying his trust and invading his privacy.
The next day he asked if I went on his computer. I said yes but just to check my Facebook. He asked if I did anything else and I said no.
He was acting really weird the next day so I asked him what was wrong and he said he feels like I'm not being honest about the computer thing. So he asked again and I told him I went on and a message popped up and brought me over to his messages. He asked if I clicked on any and I said no. He asked again and I finally said yes that I did click on messages.
Obviously he was super angry at me. He didn't talk to me for a couple days and if he did he was super short.
A week later I surprised him on his break with his favorite foods and stayed long enough just to make sure he got it. He was super smiley and kept texting me about how sweet it was. Then he stopped responding. Didn't say a thing for almost two days.
I asked him yesterday if we could talk on the phone and he said "doubtful". So I asked him later that night if we could at all this week and he said he could at 5 today.
We talked for an hour and he was mostly just mad I lied to him twice, that I opened old messages with this girl he already told me not to worry about, and that I "thought he wouldn't find out". What can I do to fix this? It seems like things are somewhat getting better because before when I asked to call he said he didn't want to talk to me.
Also, I got him the most perfect Christmas present. He's going back home before Christmas. Should I drop off his present to him before he leaves or should I wait until he stops being mad?
So I gave him the present and he LOVED it! He kept texting me about how amazing it was and he was using smiley faces and he seemed really happy and he even double texted me after I fell asleep so it seemed like he really did want to talk. Things were fine yesterday as well but today I'm not sure what she going on but he's being really short and responding with one word and now he left me on read. ? What is happening


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  • First of all we shouldn't check someone privacy without permissions it hurts other feeling and break the trust. And you also lied to him.

    From my opinion you should apologized to him and tell him it will never happened.

    My best friend was angry on be because someone told him that ' I accused on him about my cousins stolen laptop '. First I tried to tell him that I didn't accused him but he didn't believed me. After many unsuccessful tries I decide to apologize about it (I never accused him). It takes me three months to recover our friendship by apologizing daily.

    • So I should just keep apologizing every day? I told him on the phone that I never wanted to look at his messages or tried to or though about it. I also brought up how I had never lied to him before and that I'll obviously never lie again.

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    • I hope too.

    • Maybe he's again thinking about the mistake you did. Like after getting the gift he forget everything and was happy but then he suddenly remembered the Facebook thing. Try to talk to him and make him realize that your truly sorry.

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  • If he's not hiding anything why was he so angry? Yes, it was wrong of you BUT this seems really odd.

    • That's what I'm wondering like why he is so angry about it... like I figured he'd be kinda over it since it's been almost two weeks and I've apologized 100 times

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    • I mean the girl at one point, being very busy touring, said she missed her friends, and her home, and human affection. He said he needed human affection too. But then he started asking her about how her and his friend were doing and then he just stopped responding.

    • I would say go with your gut. No need to apologise any more, since you already have, just let it be and let him come to you.

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  • Hmmm, difficult. It is best to be honest for future reference Because I see where he's coming from, his trust towards you is just a bit damaged and I think what you did with the break was really good you showed him you love him and you're sorry and it's been a little better from that point I imagine?

    • I can't tell if it's been better. I mean it's slightly better because he is kinda talking to me now but there was a lot of awkward silence during the call. He ended the call with "Bye, I'll talk to you later"

    • It'll take time, apologizing, and Showing him you love him and regret what you did so you can convince him it won't happen again

    • For the update: It kinda looks like he still likes you, but he's still trying to make a point out of not talking to you. I think he gets really happy and excited about you doing something nice for him and forgets about what you did but then a day or so later thinks "shit, actually, she did something really shitty" and then tried to limit the talking again like he forgot and then remembered 1-2 days later he's mad at you. I take this as a good sign keep doing nice things and i think you might be okay

  • Well, just not do it again in the future...

    • I told him I'd never do it again, how can I get things back to normal?

    • You can't do it overnight.

      Trust can rarely be brought back - but if he would give you another chance, just don't do things related to what broke the trust in the first place...

  • ''Obviously I wasn't looking for anything ''

    Above is a clear lie, and until you can be 100% honest with yourself, this will go nowhere. Your inability to be honest with yourself, transferred to your inability to be honest with him...

    This can't be fixed until you prove you can be trusted... and this goes back to being honest with yourself...

  • I'm wondering why a guy in his late 20's, wants a teenage girl

    • What do you mean?

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    • So just based on age I'm not right for him? just because he was born before me? That's all that matters in a relationship, being the same age?

    • Yeppp

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  • I think he’s over reacting you’re 19 what did he expect... but on the same flip you knew exactly what you were doing and why you were doing it. You lying to us and we don’t know you so I can see why he’s mad


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