Is this a big deal or not?

The guy I’m seeing, we are basically together, we live together but we have other 3 other roommates, it’s a long story but anyway his dad texted me today and told me I’m the best thing for his son, and I’ve only met his dad one time, for like ten minutes, and every now and then he will call me if he can’t get ahold of his son, he told me his baby mama and him would never make it, and he wasn’t a fan of her. They haven’t gone to court yet and she still wants to be with him so if she found out about me she wouldn’t let him see his kids so we are waiting till they finalize stuff with court, but I wanna know if it’s a big deal his dad said that, I mean he barley knows me, he knows I’m a hard worker and stuff. But I don't know lol.


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  • his son tells his dad about the most important thing in his life?


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