Does she want to date me or im I getting played?

There's this girl i love we dated before but i found while we started back talking in July she actually had a boyfriend. We hung out but he was away from school and didn't see her. I didn't know until i inbox him. I pay bills in her house and spoil her son and furnished her house, even have the key to the house. We never did anything sexually. After both of us showed up to the house there was another guy there she just got off a date with. A week later the guy hmu saying they had a heart to heart conversation about everything and she doesn't have feelings for me she is just using me for financial support and as far as her son she asked him was he ready to be something more to him. I told her and she left a voicemail disputing that. Later he said he got chewed out for telling me that. They work together once a month and when i asked did y'al talk she said no only to find out she did. He showed me his call log and she doesn't even talk to me like she did him or video chat me. She told me they only had sex twice but he claims they had sex multiple times at multiple hotels and her house. They were dating since April and everything happened at the end of October and November. I'm really confused


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  • I am sorry, there is greedy people in the world like that. I think you are getting played.

    • Since then they haven't talked. Theyre officially done. While we're still friends she even said i could stop buying all her stuff and we would still be friends. She just doesn't post me on anything and i always ask to be in a relationship with her she tells me no and then she said im wishy washy. Her ex said they got into a relationship instantly and he didn't have to ask to be in one she wanted to.

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    • okay then you got your answer. She definitely dont want to be with you romantically. Unless you want real love you need to go look else where.

    • Thank you

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  • Fuck that bitch bro. And the next time that nigga opens his mouth tell him if he doesn't stay out of your business he's finna catch the hands. Dont waste your time and money on these thots bruh. We ain't got time to be chasin hoes. He can have that trash. Find you someone better.

    • I ain't got a problem with bro. He didn't even know he was heartbroken after everything and his stuff actually made since. That was his girl

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  • Why are you paying her bills? Your playing yourself bro.

    • To show her what i can do for her and im a good person

    • Yea but you can't do that with money, that means you don't value yourself. Why isn't your presence enough? Your company?

    • I don't know we spend time together constantly in addition to the gifts nothing.

  • Yeah... get rid if her asap please.

    • I invested a lot of money in them.

    • I understand. Cut your losses now. she's 100% using you bro. I'm sorry. Dont do it again with another woman. Dont show her you have lots of money until she finally decides to love you, then you spoil her.

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