How should I study for my APUSH final?

Someone told me its more about understanding the information rather than memorizing - but I find that to be more true for areas such as Mathematics. History is very detail-oriented and I understand its about being able to connect events to each other and know the information in a cause and effect kind of way, but I'm absolutely sure what it really comes down to is memorization. Problem is I have a horrible memory and find myself blanking out while I'm trying to repeat something 100 times just to memorize it. And I have an entire 30 page google doc to go through as a 500 term quizlet - I should have stated studying earlier - but I procrastinated and studied for other finals. I'll pull an all nighter but I still have to study for another subject and I still feel as if I won't have enough time. What study techniques should I use? Should I take study breaks? How should I manage my time? Etc?


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  • See,
    Read the whole thing once or twice aleast and jot down the gist of it in form of bullet points... so tht it becomes easy for u remember and correlate.
    Once u pen it down , trust even if u had a quick revision B4 exam, u would b able to recall everything.
    All d best. :)


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  • history u have to cram only

    if u have sharp memory then u can find patterns to remember them (that's what u meant in description)

  • Don't study, that's my advice. Get the sleep, it'll give you at least a 3% boost

    • Ok but hear me out, last quarter I got an 89.11%, and this quarter a 91.9%. I'm way too borderline to take it easy and not study.

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    • Oh my good god luck m8

    • "Oh my good god luck m8" confirmed not a sentence. You sure you don't wanna reconsider that sleep lmao?

  • Damn kiddo !


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