He told his friends we were talking, but now he's ignoring me or just busy. What do I do?


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  • Give him the benefit of the doubt.
    And don't invest yourself toomuch in someone unless you are sure about them

    • @snaptsch everything was good til Sunday. And he's been on Facebook/Instagram, but I haven't heard anything. I was the last to message him Sunday and I don't want to bother him if he's busy but i just wonder: if a guy was truly interested, wouldn't he at least say hi. I mean he has time to be on social media. Again, don't want to think too much into it.

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    • @snaptsch I guess you're right. We've just been friends for 4 years so...

    • Attraction and compatibility aren't the same thing.

      You might be head over heels but that doesn't mean you are compatible and vice versa

  • He might be busy. But he must find some time for you. If not, this iz a problem


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