Do girls even read messages on online dating apps?

I'm not the best looking, but I don't think I'm ugly either but it seems like girls never reply to my messages on okcupid, tinder, badoo etc. I say more than just "hey" too, I actually write a real message. I also know some girls get like 50 messages a day too, maybe that's why? ╮(╯_╰)╭


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  • They probably get too many messages and they might select to only afew that interest to them to reply. Just like me lol

  • That's it. We get way too many messages, we only pick and chose the ones we are most interested in.

    • But do you go through all your messages or just the most recent ones?

    • I imagine they go by who is most attractive.

    • Not all, just the ones that get my attention. If I'm not attracted to them, I'm not replying. If they have very little to say or are pervy, I will also not reply to them. And most importantly, if I have nothing in common with them, I wouldn't reply.

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