Why is this girl still talking to me, if I might be the second choice?

There is this girl that I have been talking with for so long, over a few months. She has expressed her interest in me and has told me that she likes me. I have asked her a few times what is she looking for to occur between the two of us. So essentially where does she want to take things, she said she doesn't know (mind you we live far apart from each other, as in two different states). I have expressed to her how I feel. I just feel bad if I were to talk to two girls at once, normally I focus on one girl. Recently I have been thinking about just keep talking to other girls, even though I still talk to the girl that I really like (for another story though). The weird thing is that we text every day and spend long times talking on the phone. There are times she might get busy or something else happens, then she would text me and tell me what happened (not all the time, but most of the time). In addition, she flirts with me every so often and I do the same. My question is if I am the second choice why go through all this trouble. The reason I say I am choice B, is because why tell a guy you claim to like to be wait till you work out things out (namely to try and work out your trust issues and everything. I can understand it, but the guy hasn't done anything for you not to trust him). I still talking to her and sticking around, hoping that I am not getting played (or why she plays the field and I could come up with the short end of the stick. I know I should be positive, but my track record hasn't been so fortunate. I am just basing things on how they have worked out for me before. Which I had stated hasn't been to good in the women dept for me.) Looking for some advice from both men and women.


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  • Don't do long distance relationships your only going to be disappointed.


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