Who makes the first move?

Guys, would you rather a girl be forward about finding you attractive? Or would you prefer to make the first move?
  • You need to make the first move
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  • You live when women go for what they want
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What Guys Said 2

  • Everyone likes to feel wanted and appreciated and guys love that for multiple reasons aside from that. If a girl says they find you attractive, we automatically think they know what they like (which is true) and you have no idea how big of an issue that is. Most guys will tell you, the problem with most girls is they don’t know what they want, most girls want to be noticed, they have a very passive approach to life and it negatively effects their relationships with men. Guys want a girl they can count on, that know what she likes and wants and if you are like that, you are already way ahead of the game

  • I prefer the woman make the first move. It removes all doubt for me.


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