Why the hell did I manage to do this?

I am severely overweight, I am 5ft and weigh 185. I NEED to lose this weight before I get heart disease or any other kind of shit. I have really bad heartburn.. which sucks. I am always out of breath. And I cannot fit into any of my clothes. So, Something needs to happen. Is it okay if I cut back shit ton in meals? I wanna get healthy and I am going to go vegan, yes... vegan. And I am gonna cut out carbs then slowly ween my diet off of diet soda (which is gonna be hard af) But now I am gonna focus on myself, pay off my debts and get healthy. I wanna lose 75-80 lbs I wanna get down to 105-110. I am petite and don't need to weigh this much. So, with that said. My question is this, will I look a thousand times better? What is some advice to give me with my journey.. and how long do you think it will take to get to my goal weight? is it possible to lose it in 2 months?
Why the hell did I manage to do this?
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