Is this a bad idea?

There is a man who I'm interested in. I know deep down, he is a nice guy. he's not an asshole and doesn't screw people over for his own gain. Not as kind and caring as me but he's full decent person. Very romantic man too. He knows that I am interested in him and he's also interested in me. He is still very single.

The issue is that he is very flirtatious by his own nature. He flirts with everyone intentionally or unintentionally. It comes so naturally to him that it seems to be just a part of his personality. 95% of his flirting seems to be meaningless. My additional concern is that he is extremely handsome. Very beautiful man.
I've been wanting to ask him out but I am not sure if he is relationship material because I don't want him to end up cheating on me due to his flirtatious personality and his looks.
Should I give him a try or should I just give him up?
Is this a bad idea?
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