Why is she doing this?

I have this friend she and text each other, but suddenly she won't return any of my texts. I can't figure out why. I tried asking her, but no answer this was by text. I also tried talking to her best friend were good friends too, I showed her the text I sent her neither of us can't figure out why. I would go over and ask her but she lives over a hundred miles from me.

So if any one has any idea of what would cause this, or what I should do, let me hear it.

Her number didn't get change or disconnected either.


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  • Maybe you should try and call? or maybe she dropped her phone in the can and is in the process of getting a new one? Maybe... just maybe she might be busy washing her hair. I don't know and I wish I could help. I think you're over thinking this situation. The first thing you need to do it wait and don't... I repeat DO NOT text her again. Your a hundred miles away you don't want her to get the feeling of being smothered.

    Wait a couple days.. 2-3. Then fire a text saying "hey been busy the last few days, sorry haven't had the chance to text. What's up?"

    If she doesn't respond to that, there you should start thinking a little deeper and what this 'friend' if yours means to you. Might have to cut some ties

    Good luck mang!

  • Maybe she met someone else, problems with family, work, didn't pay the bill, is busy, trapped, dead etc could be anything...