Is this a sign or am I over thinking this?

I've been friends with this girl and she is one of my closest friends. We've been talking about everything back and forth.

We've been travelling together a lot but usually with a group of friend. Last week she asked me if i want to go somewhere together and it will be only the two of us. Its not the first time for me to travel with an opposite sex friend and i thought okay to go as i would do what i did before.

When we planned the trip, i found a good and cheap rooms and offer her a separate room because I'm trying to be well mannered (that what i did with my other trip). She refuse the idea and said we should take one room instead.

Its her first trip alone with a guy.
Is this a sign or something? What should i do?


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  • It could be a sign, but as it's her first trip alone with a guy might be a bit nerve racking so she might want to stay close!


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