Why would she agree to a kiss then reject it?

So i was on the date with a girl a while ago. This is the first date i've been on, despite being in college. The girl is pretty hot. Anyways, at the end i say "give me a kiss" after i've hugged her. (i know this was the wrong way to do this). She says ok and then i close my eyes and then go in for a kiss. Next thing you know my lips meet her nose (she did this on purpose). I open my eyes and i just see her looking at me with her lips shut closed tucked in her mouth.

I then say "so you don't want to kiss me". She then says "i do want to kiss you". I say "no you don't", and she says it again "i do want to kiss you".

We then kiss. For some reason she actually puts effort into it. She uses her tongue, and rubs my back while kissing me.

What is the psychology behind this? Did she not want to kiss me? She seemed like she actually did since it was a passionate kiss.


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  • I feel like reading a teens story.
    She wanted you to put effort in it and not to make her kiss you. She might have felt a bit shy or she didn't feel like the right moment. Maybe she wanted to play with you and here you go with " no you don't want to kiss me" you put her a challange which is not right


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  • Cause girls are catty.


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