How to send a first message on a dating site such as Tinder, Okcupid or Plenty of Fish?

I know this may be a weird question, but i always seem to have trouble opening a convo with a girl i like on these sites, and i never get a response. I've tried mentioning something i noticed on their profile, I've tried hey or even pay them a compliment. How would i go about starting a conversation that ill get a response and also how do i stay intresting enough to land the date or meet up?


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  • Try asking a random question don't say hi or anything just ask a random question that seems interesting. Be creative and or weird some girls will respond just because it's different some will respond so they can have this word convo and show people ethier way you'll catch someone


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  • Never start a convo with "Hi" or a classic compliment, girls on those sites received dozens of messages like this from thirsty guys. You need to stand over the crowd, be original to catch her attention on your message

    • Still remains how to be original I've tried commenting about them on their profile im just trying to get an idea

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  • That's the thing with online dating. Don't feel discouraged though. Keep being bold and making the first move. Someone will respond.


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  • Don't give her a compliment. She gets too many of those and she hasn't deserved one from you.

    Keep it short. Two sentences tops.

    Keep it lighthearted and funny.

    For example: "if you were flying on an airplane and you had to jump out because it was about to crash, what things would you grab (besides a parachute because obv :p)?"


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