I am 30 and I have been crushing on older women 20- 40 years my senior. I even have sexual fantasies about them. Is this weird?

So, a little backstory. I was abused sexually by my mother. I was also abandoned and neglected by my mother as a child.

Most of these cougars have attractive faces but there is something distinct about them I like.

For example, one coworker has a preppy fashion sense. I just like her style. Another person I know shares my politics and has a warm personality.

But really, how much does a abuse or neglect impact atteaction 30 years later?
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  • I think you're looking too deeply into this. I have a friend who was raped every day from ages 12-14 by her stepdad and her mother totally knew about it and allowed it. To this day, she has guilt over her kinkier sexual desires like she'll ask "Did I encourage my step dad to do those things to me?" But in the end, she knows that those two things aren't related because a lot of us have sex kinks and most of us weren't raped by our step dads or abused by our mothers.

    So no, lots of men like older women and they don't have the background that you have. I'm sorry about your rough past, but I don't think you should overthink this particular issue.


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