Do I just confess online?

I met this girl online. I think we hit it off pretty well, went out a couple of times and a great time together. Neither of us actually said anything about how we feel though, but I think I like this girl a lot.

Anyway, I want to tell her how I feel. But the thing is, she's staying with her family for the holidays, so it'll probably be about a month before we can meet again. I know confessing online is lame, but I feel like waiting another month is too long.

Do I wait another month, or should I just tell her now?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should do it on new years or Christmas:-)


What Guys Said 2

  • Why does your generation never consider calling and talking on the phone? If she is important enough to capture a place in your heart, isn't she worth the time it will take to dial her phone and talk. Better yet, do Skype or FaceTime!

  • Always go with your gut feeling over listening to some random idiots online, you need to be the one who makes or breaks it. It doesn't matter if you confess online or in person as long as you're confident with your decision.


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