Introverted and shy men (and interested women) -- what do you think of this article?

Can you relate to any of these fears and insecurities?

Women, do you agree that introverted men can be attractive despite their gentle and reserved manner?


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  • A little over half are quite true. The only one I can day with absolute certainty that wasn't true was number 2...

    • Well actually, some of those hit so close to home I teared up because I hate the thoughts.

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    • *kind of like

    • I do think that I am just seen as a good friend and probably not relationship material for girls that I do like. I can't approach them easily because I always think they are busy or are having a good enough time without me interfering or anything, so I don't want to ruin their time. I can be entertaining, but I am not very good at holding conversations, I'm getting better now since I have many friends that I can talk with, but it will take a while.

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  • Stopped reading at friend zone. Why do we treat men completely different from women? It's just insane how we still follow this societal nonsense in 2017. Not all introverts are weirdos but a lot are. The friend zone doesn't fuckin exist. If you want to fuck her you are not her friend. The end.

    • Usually "Friend-zone" is a quick and dirty way to describe the situation where a guy is only seen as a friend by women they are just getting to know rather than a romantic prospect. If you would be more open minded, reading the authors response, it is more about guys not being bold or upfront enough to find out if she interested in being more than friends.

      No where does it say that the friend zone even exists or is a thing, but it is frequently used to describe the situation a guy finds himself in when he doesn't act on his feelings in a clear and decisive manner and a woman may lose interest after a few dates.

      Basically "why do women end up only seeing me as friendship material and not boyfriend material?"

      Simple. You are a good guy, a good listener, fun to be around, but you failed to escalate things OR she just found that you aren't compatible as a mate. So the advice is always to be more upfront with our desires, be more discerning, and turn on sexual energy.

    • Using the term friend zone is to give the idea that the person using the term believes in its existence.

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  • In the past yes (I just read the titles). Now I've learned to think less in this aspect.

  • Most of those were irrelevant to me.

  • A few. I was at one point even afraid to approach them. Now i just don't do it because I've been rejected enough


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