Is she weirded out because I chose to hangout with her during Christmas instead of family?

So today this girl I’ve been dating for two months asked me if we’re still going to the Christmas market together for Saturday, but I said that I can’t because I have work scheduled but I can go after work.
She said that she’s gonna go with friends instead because the Christmas market might close by the time I’m done work...
so I tried to make it up to her by rescheduling for Christmas Day, but said that she can’t because it’s Christmas (duh) and also cause it’s her dad’s bday. And then she’s like “Xmas is for spending time with family. Don’t your family celebrate Christmas?” And I was like yeah we do, but I go out during daylight and spend as much time with them durning the evenings till night. But she replied “yeah, I’m sorry I can’t”
So like I was wondering if she’s gonna feeling awkward of me because I’d rather make plans with her than spend time with family


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What Girls Said 1

  • That's fine. I would rather hang out with family even though my parents are control freaks. Exspecially my mom who basically tried to controls everything I do. I barely have any freedom. Maybe her parents are the same way as mine. :/

    Or maybe her friends are just more interesting to her


What Guys Said 1

  • You're an idiot.. She said she would do it with friends. Your reply should of said OK. That's it you came across as trying too hard to please and also lacking in family value..


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