I feel useless?

Okay so I have been dating my boyfriend that is 21 and im 18 we have been together for a year ans a couple of months. I feel bad he works a lot and i reallty dont I'm leaving in two weeks and I use to have two jobs but now I have one and I got the second one because I needed the money and everytime I dont work and my boyfriend does i feel awful I feel useless. Yes I dont work as much as him but i feel like I have to be just as good as him. I dont want to seem like one of those girls who do nothing and lets the dude do all the work. Sometimes when i complain about not spending enough time together he says how he works a lot and I just stay home. I'm not trying to seem like that I just have a hard time getting lots of hours especially since I'm leaving soon. Just when i think about it i feel like awful. I just dont like people doimg the work for me. I try I really do i try to work really hard so I dont seem like a bum or I'm just lazy.


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  • It's ok , I can empathize with u. See , don't try to mix professional and social life , both have there signficance and importance uniquely.
    Trust me , u r Not less important.
    Let ur boyfriend take care of financial duties more , and u take care of social duties , mutually u both both can take this relationship to peaceful state, where none of u feel ignored and useless.

    • But how do I do that without feeling like I'm lazy and weak

    • It's ur own assumption dear.
      U don't need to under-estimate urself.
      I know u r really working hard...

      Have patience , be positive and believe in urself.

      I can give ur tons of examples where people across d globe r living pathetic life than urs...(some r raped, abused, tortured, killed, starving, suffering from deadly disease likes Cancer) and still they hv overcome such deadly situations.
      Trust me u r very fortunate dear compared to those millions and millions...

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  • Try to schedule your days off with his then you have time or leave him notes that you love him no matter what


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  • Don't think of it, work on what you need to, he'll say the same and feel the same about you even if you don't work at all, stop stressing yourself with jobs and trust to explain him your feelings. I would feel sorry if my work caused my partner to feel bad about herself.

  • It's good that you want to work hard and don't want to be dependent on someone. you just keep improving yourself in work.
    And for spending time with your boyfriend, take some time, plan for some vacation or road trip on holidays.

  • as long as you dont live together and short for rent money, i dont think youve got to worry about it.
    you'll work more when you can and you dont need to run around in circles to prove you're not lazy.


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