I feel useless?

Okay so I have been dating my boyfriend that is 21 and im 18 we have been together for a year ans a couple of months. I feel bad he works a lot and i reallty dont I'm leaving in two weeks and I use to have two jobs but now I have one and I got the second one because I needed the money and everytime I dont work and my boyfriend does i feel awful I feel useless. Yes I dont work as much as him but i feel like I have to be just as good as him. I dont want to seem like one of those girls who do nothing and lets the dude do all the work. Sometimes when i complain about not spending enough time together he says how he works a lot and I just stay home. I'm not trying to seem like that I just have a hard time getting lots of hours especially since I'm leaving soon. Just when i think about it i feel like awful. I just dont like people doimg the work for me. I try I really do i try to work really hard so I dont seem like a bum or I'm just lazy.
I feel useless?
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